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As the age of mobile tightens its grip on the world, competition is higher than before therefore the companies should ensure that they offer the top quality brand to keep pace with their competitors. In Digital eXperience, we offer a wide range of testing services to offer best quality solutions. We offer professional services for software quality assurance and testing expertise.

Functional testing is one of the most important aspects in software test plans and most vital for all businesses. Businesses spend massively on functional testing to provide a good range of products and enhance the company growth rate. But what is functional testing?

What is Functional Testing?

Functional testing is a software testing process that works on the interface of the application to ensure that all the user requirements are met and scenarios are working properly to avoid failures. Functional testing is generally carried out based on functional specification provided by the customer and ensure whether all the specifications are carried out. Some of the functional testing types that we carry out are smoke testing, sanity testing, usability testing, and regression testing.

When it comes to software testing, there are distinct differences between manual testing and automation testing.  Manual testing is generally carried out by a human to find errors and decode to fix them. Apparently, automation testing relies on pre-scripted tests that run automatically. Digital eXperience enables everyone from newbies to advanced testers to run automated software testing with their easy to use functional testing tools. Some incredible advantages of using this tools are:

Identify new errors with less time.  A time-efficient process. Custom app generally solves your specific problems and satisfies your exclusive needs with increased flexibility and minimal security risk. As an app development company, we have expert application developers who can design apps with rich UX/UI framework that makes your app stand out among the millions of others in a cost-effective manner.

Testers use for repetitive tasks to find errors. Perhaps a great time saver. Web app development is rapidly growing as a tool in business development, especially when you are on the verge of building a complex website that involves a database. As a web application development services, we work closely with the clients and offer effective solutions to counteract problems and help improve productivity.

Requires less human efforts. Our test automation engineer code test scripts and you can run the tool with ease. In recent years, mobile app development is considerably growing in importance because of the increasing trends in mobile services. We are mobile app development service driven by technology help the business owners in most of their challenges with their digital solutions. Experts’ developers from our services fully immerse in your project and offer complete control, flexibility, and security to your applications.

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Software testing tools make it easier for non-technical testers to provide automation coverage. When you want a bug free application, working with us is a smart choice to give the users, a flawless experience.

Our certified and knowledge retention professionals don’t make the software work rather make it work with the highest level of performance. They properly evaluate instead of a cookie-cutter treatment and use the appropriate testing methodologies in accordance with the client specification.

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What We Test?

At Digital Experience, we understand the demands of the clients and make certain that their requirements are met with immense importance. Our skilled team having years of expertise in the industry enhance quality, reliability, and performance of your software with their software testing methods.

We conduct both functional testing and non-functional testing.  Functional testing involves unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing, while documentation testing, installation testing, performance testing, reliability testing, and security testing falls under non-functional testing.


Apart from these types of testing, web testing is carried out to check applications for potential bugs. The quality of web application testing improves with the presence of appropriate web testing tools. Our quality assurance testing team uses some of the popular web testing tools like web load, Test IO and Selenium IDE.

Each of these web testing tools has unique features to offer to meet the growing challenges in the competitive marketplace. You can receive the overall best value for the money you spend when you employ us. We can help you work towards your business goals and success.